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Language Daily is a place for students to learn foreign languages with free lessons, and for educators to share their knowledge and connect with new audiences. We are building a free resource for everyone to use when learning a foreign language.

Our site offers free lessons that will help you to learn grammar, increase your vocabulary, and develop your speaking and reading skills. It's a place for you to engage with language lessons and hang out with people who are as passionate about their language study as you are. You will learn more about other cultures and discover great resources for learning a foreign language online. Our lessons come from many sources, including language teachers, university professors, advanced language students, and authors of participating educational websites.

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French language lessons, grammar, vocabulary, listening and writing.
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Master German language with free lessons, most common words, and more.
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Russian language lessons, grammar, words, phrases, listening and writing.

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Learn smarter and faster with our mobile applications! Master the most common French words on iPhone or study new vocabulary and grammar with Russian apps for iPhone, iPad, as well Android smartphones and tablets.


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As a contributor, you can make your lessons available to a large audience that is interested in studying a foreign language. If you are a teacher or an advanced language student, you can share what you know and contribute the knowledge for everybody to use for free on this website. You can take credit for your writing, provide credentials, and elicit reviews and comments. The more we grow, the more students will enjoy your lessons and learn about you. All posts must be your original work and we have certain requirements to the quality of the guest content.

For educators

University professors and teachers who create materials and lesson notes for their own classes can make their content available to a broader audience of language students who will benefit from your materials by finding them on this website. Our platform enables you to provide easy access to lessons, notes and materials that may not have gotten much exposure with other avenues. You can keep all the copyrights and receive full credits.

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You can use LanguageDaily as a gateway to your own language community by becoming a guest author. By participating in the free LanguageDaily project and publishing a lesson or an article, you will become visible to a larger base of language students and bring more traffic to your website. You can keep all the copyrights and ownership of your own work, and create a link to your own website or project.

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