German Vocabulary

Increase your German vocabulary with the following German lessons and articles.

Most Common Words

1000 Most Common German Words
When learning a foreign language, it always a good idea to learn the most common words first. This frequency list of German words will help you to do just that. It provides top 1000 German words, their English translations and whether it's a noun, verb, adjective, preposition or another part of speech. A must have for any beginning to intermediate student of German.

German Word Lists

  • Animals
  • Days of the Week
  • Months and Seasons
  • Counting in German

Examples of Usage

  • der - masculine definitive article¬†"the"
  • die - "feminine definitive article"the"
  • das - neuter definitive article"the"
  • und - and
  • nicht - not
  • auch - also, too
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